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In Dreams and in Love Everything is Possible!

Dreams & Love

If you believe in yourself and follow your heart you can achieve anything. This is true in the work we do, and the relationships we want to have with other people. Starting today, make your dreams come true!

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What is Happiness? Quote of the Day From Mahatma Gandhi


Here is a wonderful quote we found on Inspirationboost.com. What makes you happy? Share your thoughts with us about happiness so we can share it with our readers. Much Love!

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Quote Of The Day: Do What You Love!

I was walking around the Old Town in Zurich, along blissful, car-free streets, when I discovered this sign on a wall outside of a little shop. It is one of my favorite quotes, and I hope it will inspire you.

Do What You Love

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Do You Think All Guns Should Be Banned?

It is the belief of many people around the world that guns have no place in modern society. Here is a quote from Elizabeth Warren that puts gun violence in perspective. Let us know what you think.

Ban Guns Now

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Quote of the Day from Mark Twain

Quote of the day from Mark Twain

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Quote of the Day by Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

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Real Friends Make You Smile Every Day

Real Freinds

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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More


Inspiration is all around us. Every day all you have to do is look around you to see wonderful people doing incredible things. Sometimes it’s total strangers who inspire us, other times it’s our friends or co-workers. Helping others to achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding things we can do. The next time you’re in a situation where someone needs help, don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. This happened to me the other day. A blind women was starting to cross the street and I noticed she was about to step into a large puddle! I immediately said: “Please take my arm, there’s a huge puddle here.” She was very glad that I spoke up and saved her from getting her feet wet. After we crossed the street, I smiled to myself and watched her go on her way safe and sound. Whatever you can do to bring some joy to others will bring joy to you as well.

On the next page I’ve posted a fun video about how working together benefits everyone. Enjoy it, and share it with your friends.
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Quote of the Week from Buddha

Buddha Quotes

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